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Karen Sloan

—— Candidate for City Councillor Ward 1 City of Pickering

Pickering has been my family’s home for 17 years. A little slice of heaven that we are honoured to call our own.

Putting this city’s public transit to use, I commuted daily to Toronto when I was working as an Operational Manager for a major retail company. 

But that was not my dream.

I wanted to give back to my city and help grow its economy. Twelve years ago, I made the decision to open my own business.

Small as my business is, I have been fortunate to meet members of my community, employ our citizens, and support local children’s sports teams.

When I learned about the coming changes to Kingston Road, I felt the need to help. The small businesses that our neighbours have spent their lives building and the businesses that have been in families for generations will be swept away by bulldozers and replaced by high-rise condominiums.

Who will support your children’s sports teams?

Who will welcome you into their shop with a bright smile?

Who will be there to fulfill your needs, if not our locally owned businesses?

This is our city and it’s our say what happens to it.

If we choose not to implement change, we will lose our local businesses. We will be forced to drive at length to fulfill our shopping needs. 

Gone will be the late-night dashes to the corner store, pharmacy, or pizza shop.

Gone will be the friendly smiles and the business owners that remember your name.

Gone will be your friend’s livelihood.

Is this what we want for our beautiful city? 

A view of the lake marred by high-rises. Green-spaces torn away for infrastructure and townhouses. 

Do you want dense traffic from the added cars and busses congesting your streets and lengthening your commute?

It’s our city and our say.

There is a solution. Pickering can experience growth without sacrificing all the delights we currently enjoy.

We can have both.

I will work with developers and residents to reach a solution for growth that benefits everyone.

Honesty and transparency will be at the forefront of my counselorship. You will never be left in the dark or wondering about the changes and progress that we have made to better Pickering. 

Because this is our city and it is our say.

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